Emily Cheung

After graduation, I continued my studies at Simon Fraser University’s Interactive Arts + Technology program, where I plan on pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in the Design Concentration. Since my first year of university, I have began preparing for the co-op program which I anticipate to start in the Fall of 2016 and hope to land a job in Graphic Design and/or Web Design.
My decision to join the yearbook club at Carver as a freshman and learning new skills working with Adobe Photoshop sparked my passion for design which ultimately helped me make my decision to pursue graphic design. My experience as a part of the yearbook club has also taught me what it means to be a leader, the importance of being involved within my community, and has strengthened my organization skills to balance school, life and extracurricular activities. Being in university now and learning in large classes without the individual support from the professors has also made me so grateful for all the teachers and staff at Carver who have continuously cared, encouraged and prayed for me through my struggles in high school.
I cherish many memories from my four years at Carver. One of the memories I still carry with me to this day were my days as the yearbook editor when I spent hours in the computer lab trying to get the yearbook completed in time before final exams. There was one Thursday afternoon when I was in the computer lab with a few other students who were also working on the yearbook. We were not allowed to eat in the lab, but as hungry students who had just finished another long day of school, Mr. Liu the teacher supervisor who always has food hidden somewhere in his classroom, appears with a box of pancake mix and a sandwich maker. The rest of the afternoon was spent making pancakes with sandwich makers in the computer lab — it tasted really good and I still managed to complete the yearbook on time!