Claire Dresselhuis

Upon graduation in 2014 from Carver Christian High school, I took the year off to explore and cultivate my passions further, completing my fourth season of playing cello with the Vancouver Youth Symphony Senior Orchestra, hosting a solo concert, recording a CD, playing in weddings and singing in a local jazz band. This past year off has been a wonderfully challenging period of growth for myself as an individual as well as a musician and I look forward to that ongoing process of pruning and refinement.

I started my studies in cello performance this past September 2015 at the University of Victoria where I am working on individual performance repertoire, as well as playing in an ensemble and serving as the vice-principal cellist of the University Orchestra. Being involved in the Christian Student ministry on campus is also a wonderful outlet of involving myself in the student body and I look forward to making meaningful connections in the upcoming year. I plan to continue my degree here in music, and that may actually be in music education, something I have always been enthusiastic about. Teaching people to hear and appreciate music is something that I am passionate in and I love working with children having been able to teach band and theory at John Knox Christian School through my independent study block offered to me in my grade 12 year.

Carver offered so many outlets for me to actively engage my enthusiasm for music and my faith, with opportunities in leadership as well as service. Particularly being involved in the worship team was an important means to myself in exercising my passions in a servant leadership capacity. I found it powerful that I was able to use my abilities in music to serve and connect with the student body, but ultimately God, whom has entrusted me with that musical capability.  Through out my years at Carver I was frequently encouraged in the pursuit of something that is not only something I enjoy, but something that is specifically unique to myself in how God has created me to be. It is too often that in comparing ourselves to other people’s success stories that we become increasingly unfamiliar with our own distinctive passions. However, if there was one thing I could take away from my time at Carver as well as in my year off, it would be that not everyone’s story is an identical progression of successes and disappointments. The reality is that there is no one way to achieve a path of excellence beyond post secondary, however there is only One Way by which you can navigate through the challenges that the future beyond high school holds.

So it is in confidence that I graduated from Carver in the knowledge that God has given me a unique medium of service to His Kingdom and it is in the same confidence that I continue to pursue that in the years to come. God has proven himself faithful through out my musical endeavors and I look forward to seeing how he will honour and strengthen that commitment through out my life.

Claire Dresselhuis

Graduate of the class of 2014