Brody Loewen

I graduated in 2013, a grad class of about 30 students. I thought I would enter the sciences and become a biomedical prosthetics engineer – but I knew I also wanted to spend a year doing Bible school as an extra foundation for my faith before fully entering the battlefield of the world.

I took part in a one-year School of the Bible offered at Willingdon Church, my home church. From panoramas of the Testaments to full blown Theology courses, this year instilled in me a higher desire to know and love God and to study His Word more thoroughly. I ended up taking my year at Willingdon and transferring to Millar College of the Bible, just north of Salmon Arm, British Columbia. I’m now in my third year of studies, completing a degree in Biblical Studies in April 2016. I pray the Lord will prepare some form of internship with a ministry when I am finished, so that I can continue with practical application of what I have learned and a field in which to love people and serve, for the sake of Christ’s glory.

Carver was a safe environment for me to grow as an individual, and to make mistakes. The staff were not judgmental, but understood that as young men and women, we would not always get it right. The faculty came alongside us and helped us in our pursuit of knowledge and holiness, something I will not soon forget. The Lord has blessed the community of Carver Christian High School with loving, caring teachers and administrators, and I pray they will continue to serve Him and the students that enter their doors every day.

I have many memories from Carver – but I think the thing I remember the most is not a memory, but a feeling. The school provided for me a second home. I was comfortable around the staff and students. I was accepted and challenged. The Lord used Carver as a tool to shape me in my walk with Him. I spent the beginning of my high school career trying to earn His love – by the end of my time at Carver, I had really started to realize that through His grace He loves me regardless of what I do: nothing I do will make Him love me any more, and nothing I have done will make Him love me any less.

To God be all the glory in all things forever and ever. May You use Carver as an instrument for Your service in Your Name.


Brody Loewen, Alumni