Ms. Rebekah Loconte

I have been teaching at Carver since 2006. Prior to that I was a teacher on call for two years and taught adult ESL two years before that. My degrees are in English and Education. I enjoy teaching English as it is the subject that I most fell in love with in high school. Because reading and writing came naturally to me, I quickly developed a passion for literature. Studying English is a valuable class for every student because it gives them the opportunity to see the power of language, develop their ability to reason and analyze critically, and question society and humanity around them. Once they have these tools, they are empowered to chart their courses as they see fit.

Working with high school students is about respect. They are at an age where they don’t automatically respond positively to authority figures simply because they are told to. They need to feel respected and valued before they will listen to what you have to say. Thus I enjoy the opportunity model and mentor these young adults in a respectful way that will open the door for some deep discussions and deeper questions. Implicitly, teachers are held to a higher standard in society: second only to parents, we have a major impact on children’s behavior and thinking. I feel truly blessed and honored to be a part of tomorrow’s dreamers.