Ms. Grace Lo-Voo

Grace is the Vice Principal at Carver Christian High School.  Grace started off her teaching career 15 years ago teaching Science & Drama at the high school level.  This was followed by a Masters Degree in Educational Administration and Leadership (UBC) where Grace researched intensively the topic of Teacher Mentorship and published in the BC Educational Leadership Research Journal.  Grace has a deep conviction for mentoring new teachers and for supporting at-risk adolescents and their families. On top of this, Grace has a wealth of experience working with children, teens, adults, couples and families in high schools.  This passion led to a second Masters’ degree in Counselling (UBC).  Grace is deeply compassionate about working together with high school students, parents & teachers.  She enjoys working with high school students because she believes that God has called her to journey with them to listen and to advocate for them.  The proud mother of three children, she lives in Vancouver with her husband.