Ms. Elise Nzoupet

I am now looking forward to my second year working at Carver Christian High School and have over 16 years of experience teaching in both public and private schools.

Learning new languages and experiencing new cultures has always been a passion of mine. The beautiful complexity and uniqueness of each language truly opens my mind to the incredible creativity and omniscience of God. I think that having the opportunity to learn a second language and culture is a true gift of reconciliation that God uses to draw people together from all across the globe in unity and understanding.

I am honoured to be able to nurture this gift especially in high school students who will be making their own way in the world in the very near future. If God can use anything I may have taught these young people that will help them be more effective in reaching out to and being witnesses to people of all races and nationalities, both at home and abroad, I will be truly blessed. I also pray that, in helping them to cultivate an appreciation for such diversity, they will truly grasp how God revels in their own uniqueness and loves them just as they are.