Ms. Christiane Michael

I was born and raised in South India. After completing high school at a Christian school, I pursued a Bachelor of Arts at a Christian college affiliated to one of India’s oldest universities.  My career life began in the office of the personnel department of a Fortune 500 company. I worked there for eight years till the Lord worked it out for my husband and I to come and study at a Canadian Bible school.   

Soon after the birth of our first son, the Lord called us back to serve in India for the next seven years during which time we were blessed with our second son.  We returned to serve at the Canadian Bible School where we had studied and then pastored in Abbotsford and West Vancouver. While in West Vancouver, I worked in the office at a Christian school. God had other plans, leading my sons and I to Carver Christian High School.

I enjoy working in the Carver office, developing relationships with the students and nurturing them in their maturing and faith.  It’s a delight to work with the staff who share the same values and passion as I do of loving God and the students, and serving Him wholeheartedly.