Mrs. Cara Lau

Growing up, I was always heavily involved in music. I took private lessons so I could join my elementary band a year early. Every summer, I went to band camp and learned a new instrument just for fun, and I’ve been singing in choirs since the age of 5. I studied Music Education at the University of Victoria, with my major instrumental studies on bassoon and secondary studies in voice.  

I love teaching music, and I think it so important in education for so many reasons. A lot of my thoughts are well summed-up in this clip of American professor and composer Jack Stamp’s speech “Why Music Matters” ( 

I love making music with students of all ages, but I particularly enjoy working with high school students. At this age, and with their prior musical experiences in elementary school, we are able to tackle more difficult and intricate pieces. I love the feeling of triumph and satisfaction when we accomplish a passage or a piece that we’ve been working on for weeks. I enjoy pushing them farther and higher, and watching them surpass their own expectations and limitations they’ve set for themselves. I also appreciate that my students have the musical awareness and maturity to enter discussions about the creative process and help make some of our musical decisions with me.