Mr. Steve Friesen

I have taught in four different schools in two different countries and have been here are Carver since 2008. Reading and writing are the foundations for all learning and teaching English enables me to help students build upon these vital skills.

It is crucial that our students learn discernment and reading stories and discovering themes within literature helps us to find what is honorable and true in the real world as well. I also teach Christian Studies and, while I want the students to have a firm understanding of Biblical history and truth, I especially want them to learn how to apply their faith in their daily lives. I want to see students become better in the disciplines that I teach and come to understand their talents and who they are as unique individuals designed by God for a specific purpose. As teenagers, our students are in a challenging time in their lives and I want to be able to help provide guidance and try to be an example of someone who is living out his faith.