Mr. Eric Findlay

 I have a BSc in Computer Science (2005) and a BEd in Secondary Math (2007), both from UBC.  I was a TOC for 5 years at Richmond Christian Middle and High School, then I was a TOC for both Carver and Lions Gate Christian Academy for a year before receiving a 1-year contract at Lions Gate.  Following that, I came on board part-time at Carver, starting in semester 2 of 2013/14 and am presently in my first year of full-time work at Carver.

I teach the senior level math courses at Carver.  While my undergraduate degree is in Computer Science, obtaining this degree involves many university level math courses, and my Education degree is in Computer Science and Math.  I have been teaching math full-time for 3 years and was a math tutor for several years before that.  When I was in elementary school, I struggled with math.  My dad helped me to understand what was going on, and I have enjoyed math ever since.  I love teaching math because math is one of the fundamental relationships in nature and I enjoy helping people understand the rules and principles which God has placed into creation.  I want to work with high school students because I believe I am able to explain well some of the more complex, higher-level concepts with which people often struggle.  I also enjoy the conversations that we have outside of the classroom or outside of the course content.