Mr. Christopher Leckman

I was excited to join the Carver community in 2015 as an educational assistant and now in 2016 to also be a Christian Studies teacher. I was first introduced to the study of psychopathology while in college. In 2008, I began working full-time in the special education field for an independent school designed for students with autism. Three years later I was hired by the Vancouver School board, where I worked in dozens of schools over the next five years while I also attended Pacific Bible College.

I love what I do because working as an EA gives me the opportunity to both support students in learning, and to get to know them on a personal level. I have especially enjoyed working in high schools, since the academic material is more challenging. Moreover, the students are navigating exciting decisions that will significantly impact both their sense of identity and their understanding of the world around them. At this pivotal time in the lives of our students, I see the privilege of teaching Christian Studies as a tremendous opportunity to share my passion for God, His kingdom, and His Word with them.