Service & Leadership

Cross-Cultural Outreach Trips

There are several purposes for the cross-cultural outreach trips for Carver’s grade 11 students. They are learning

  1. about working together as a team
  2. first-hand experience in a different culture that they will then serve in
  3. how to be stewards of their time, resources and abilities
  4. about being a servant of Christ and others, both at home and abroad

International teams learn things about life in another country such as Costa Rica, China or Thailand. The Vancouver team learns about social issues and poverty here. They then go to serve in a variety of local ministries.

We want our students to learn to serve God through words and actions. Students can grow in relationship with Jesus Christ through their work, study and prayer. Our students also grow in community through these experiences, working together and facing challenges side-by-side.

As a school, we are able to provide more than most short-term mission experiences. In Advisory classes before and after PEAK week, our students learn how we in the first-world can affect those living in third-world conditions. Our hope is that each of our students will experience transformation and growth in their own faith through this program.

Leadership Course

Leadership 11 and Leadership 12 are courses designed for motivated students who wish to become involved in school events and school culture. In a school like Carver, there are endless opportunities for leadership. Whether you are gifted in music, public speaking, athletics, or organization, you will find that your gifts will translate into leadership opportunities at Carver. These courses enable students to receive credit for taking leadership initiative in ongoing school programs and/or service to the community. The emphasis in this course is on servant leadership; the aim is for students to learn a way of life that is shaped by service.

Student Council

School life provides young people with many opportunities to step forward and become leaders – spiritually, academically, athletically, socially, and more. Leaders are created within the walls of Carver that influence the school and also the community around us. Student leaders encourage student participation and guide their peers toward a fuller life at Carver. These leaders become agents of change for the school community and shape the school year.

Carver Student Council is a venue where Christian leadership and decision-making is of utmost importance. All students in the school are involved in one way or another, whether they are on the Council or simply represented by their classmates. Joining the Council is an excellent way for students to grow, develop their gifts and transform into the leaders of the future.