Fine Arts Program

At Carver Christian High School our Fine and Performing Arts faculty inspire students to achieve personal excellence in their creative endeavors. Within our supportive and enriched climate, students learn to participate in the arts and place a high priority on personal expression and cultural engagement.

Our Fine and Performing Arts program provides students with opportunities for critical thinking, creative expression, collaboration, and self-discipline. As a result, students acquire the attitudes, skills, and knowledge necessary to pursue a range of career goals in the Arts.

All students must complete at least one arts or applied skills course at the grade 10, 11, and 12 level in order to graduate. However, the majority of students take more than the requirement to create a balance in their education.


There are a number of musical opportunities available at Carver. We have Concert Band and Choir for students in grades 7 to 12. Our music students perform publicly each year, at school and in the community. Past performance opportunities have  included trips to Whistler and Vancouver Island. Carver’s Music Department strives to create an atmosphere that combines commitment and hard work with fun and collaboration to bring out the highest level of performance possible. Carver music students can also be involved with our student worship teams and the Carver Strings Club.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts are a powerful medium through which students are given opportunity to express themselves and their interactions with the world creatively and thoughtfully. The Visual Arts Program at Carver is rigorous, hands-on and is not limited by the walls of the classroom. Students are encouraged to critically evaluate their own artwork while viewing it in relation to art history and contemporary practice. Through a wide range of media and image development strategies, teachers aim to stimulate the creativity, capabilities, and curiosity of their students.


Our Drama department provides students with opportunities to examine human experiences through character and situation. Like other curricula within the Humanities, Drama works on aesthetic, social, emotional, and intellectual planes but it also serves the students in their ability to connect with others, experience tension, resolve conflict, and create meaning in their world. Students will work on individual projects such as monologues and work toward collaborative full productions every other year. In addition to all these things, Drama is just a great place to get silly, have fun, and leave the hang-ups at the door.