At Carver we aim to offer a comprehensive education – one that challenges our students to grow beyond the area of academics. To that end we include a weekly Chapel service, schoolwide activities and the following courses designed to enrich students’ experience.

Worship Assemblies/Advisory

Carver students meets weekly for worship, prayer, announcements, fellowship and community building. The bi-weekly chapel is a time of student-led worship and prayer, followed by a topical presentation from a ministry leader, a speaker from the larger community or occasionally one of the Carver alumni.  Special assemblies are held at the beginning and end of the school year as well as for Remembrance Day, Christmas and Easter.

The Carver Distinctives Program

Through the Carver Distinctives Program, our students will be able to:

  1. Develop and deepen an understanding of the Bible
  2. Apply Biblical principles in everyday life and in a variety of contexts
  3. Articulate a Christian worldview

Reflecting the interests of our students and the gifts of our staff, we have continued to develop our Distinctives Program to include

  1. Christian study courses
  2. Encounter Days in September
  3. PEAK Week – Program of Extended Activities for the Kingdom, goal-directed learning activities outside the classroom in the week before Spring Break
  4. Cross-cultural outreach trips for grade 11 students
  5. Advisory homeroom classes with grade-specific themes


Christian Studies

Our unique Christian Studies program offers students the opportunity to be grounded in Biblical foundations while having the freedom to choose some of the topics. Christian Studies are mandatory and are credit courses.

Grade 8 and 9 student studies include Old Testament Foundations, New Testament Foundations and a Healthy Living component.

Grade 10 – 12 Christian Studies is comprised of modules; each student takes four modules per year. There are some mandatory modules in each grade; beyond these, students have choices within the selection of core (theological and biblical studies) and elective (practical and applied theology) modules.

Grade-Specific Themes

At Carver we aim to offer a comprehensive education – one that challenges our students to grow beyond the area of academics. To this end, we have assigned themes for each grade and students participate in experiences designed to develop important life skills, critical thinking skills and wisdom. These grade-base themes guide related, practical, hands-on experiences throughout students’ high school education with the goal of preparing them to meet the Grad Transitions requirements.

Grade 8 “Coming to Discover”

Understanding and expressing one’s unique identity; learning what it means to learn, understand and articulate one’s Christian worldview in terms of life in high school; practicing community service; introduction to Grad Transition.

Grade 9 “Discover and Explore”

Deepening understanding and expressing one’s unique identity; learning what it means to live in community through teamwork exercises and outdoor adventure experiences; practicing community service; reviewing the Grad Transition.

Grade 10 “Keys to Success”

Developing a Christian perspective on the nature of “success;” learning to make healthy lifestyle choices that are pleasing to God,; learning to make wise financial and career choices; participating in a short-term job shadow experience; preparing for and understanding the requirements of Grad Transitions.

Grade 11 “Leading and Serving”

Developing a biblical understanding of servant leadership; understanding other worldviews, cultures and religions; serving through a short-term cross-cultural outreach trip; continuing to develop Grad Transitions.

Grade 12 “Leaving to Discover”

Focusing on Grad Transitions; students prepare for their Grad Transitions Portfolio presentations; understanding and articulating the Christian worldview in terms of the workplace and life after high school.

Individual Education Plans (IEP)

Our Educational Support Services Coordinator works collaboratively with teachers, Special Education Assistants and parents to develop IEPs and support their implementation on behalf of Carver students requiring adaptations or modifications to their academic program.
Our ESS Coordinator also provides support for gifted students preparation and implementation of IEPs in the form of enriched curriculum.

Counseling Services at Carver

The Carver Counseling Team is available to work with students and their families in order to provide the support system students need in order to thrive. We provide support and resources to students in the areas of academics, relationships, spirituality and health. We are committed to empowering students in their goals and enable them for success in their post-secondary pursuits. Our approach include teaching individual students the value of self-management, decision making, and living with respect for self and others.