Academic Courses


Carver’s Science program is challenging, rewarding, hands-on and student centered. Students at Carver are taught the BC Education curriculum for Science in grades 7-10. Our Grade 11 and 12 students may choose to study Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics courses. Many of Carver’s former students have continued on in the field of Science. As Christians, understanding more about the universe God made gives us a deeper understanding of who He is (Romans 1:20).

In Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics, we apply abstract concepts to real life – and we have fun doing it! Particular emphases among our staff include relevant field-trips to places like the Vancouver Aquarium, BC Mining Museum, medical labs, etc.

Carver’s laboratories are fully equipped and used for a variety of experiments and projects. This includes dissections in Biology that provide hands-on experience of creatures in the natural world and chemistry experiments that allow students to engage and apply classroom knowledge. In Physics, students conduct experiments and build structures and machines to test their skills and understanding. As with all of Carver’s programs, Science at Carver is academically rigorous; students are expected to work hard and apply themselves in every activity or assignment. Assignments, sometimes fun and always relevant, are designed to expand students’ understanding beyond the obvious. We facilitate discussions that explore the links between faith and the sciences, allowing difficult questions to be asked in pursuit of answers and encourage students to exercise their curiosity about all of Creation.


Our Mathematics Department offers the BC Ministry of Ministry-approved Apprenticeship & Workplace Mathematics, Foundations of Mathematics, and Pre-Calculus pathways.  All three course pathways focus on problem solving, communicating mathematically, connecting and applying mathematical ideas, contextual mathematics, and the importance of mathematical reasoning.  We also offer AP Calculus to our senior students.


Fostering creativity, reading great works, articulating clearly, developing a love for words, appreciating language and words as good creational gifts – these are what the English program at Carver is all about. Students are invited to develop critical thinking skills and delve into the many truths about our world found in literature of all kinds: poetry, classic and modern novels, Shakespeare, and short stories. Students also gain knowledge of the characteristics and functions of various literary forms, and an understanding of how literature both represents and influences culture. They engage in a wide range of writing experiences, developing good writing technique and style. All this is taught from a solidly Christian perspective. English students have the opportunity to go on field trips to places like Bard on the Beach and the Vancouver International Writers Festival.

Social Studies

Social Studies involves the study of the past, present, and future of the human race. We offer an extensive selection of courses to examine these topics, ranging from history to our natural world, including History 12, Law 12, and Comparative Civilization 12. Social studies courses at Carver Christian High School are certainly not limited to textbook learning; students have ample opportunity to engage in hands-on studies. Videos and interactive multimedia are also an integral part of classroom learning.


We are currently offering three languages for our students: French, Mandarin and Spanish. The languages we offer are spoken around the world and can help our students in their future professional careers.  The conversational skills students learn in class will be beneficial to students planning on going on our international outreach teams, in grade 11, during PEAK Week.  Students are exposed to all four aspects of language learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Furthermore, our language studies enable students to gain a better understanding of other people around the world and to learn to appreciate the diverse cultures that our God has created.