Cultivating servant leaders who thrive in every area of their lives – in their academics and in their personal walk with Jesus.

Our Heart

Carver Christian High School exists to educate and equip disciples of Jesus who are fruitful in every area of their lives, partnering with parents in this significant task. We seek to see every student thrive, mindful of their individual needs, personalities, and gifts.

Why Carver?

We are a community committed to Christ-centered transformation. We have seen countless students flourish intellectually, emotionally and spiritually through the personal mentorship and leadership opportunities integrated into our program. Small classrooms, godly staff who genuinely care, service opportunities, and rich, Christ-centered fellowship are a few of the many benefits of being a part of our community.

What Alumni Say

"The Lord used Carver as a tool to shape me in my walk with Him. I spent the beginning of my high school career trying to earn His love – by the end of my time at Carver, I had really started to realize that through His grace He loves me regardless of what I do..."

Brody Loewen, Class of 2013

"Carver offered so many outlets for me to actively engage my enthusiasm for music and my faith, with opportunities in leadership as well as service. Particularly being involved in the worship team was an important means to myself in exercising my passions in a servant leadership capacity. "

Claire Dresselhuis, Class of 2014

Our History

Every major city in Canada has a well-established Christian high school located in their city's core, except for Vancouver. In 2005, the John Knox Christian and Vancouver Christian Elementary communities came together to change that, founding Carver with the vision to make a Christian high school accessible for families living in Vancouver. The prayers and efforts from parents, staff, and administrators lead to Carver opening its doors on September 6, 2005. God blessed the founding of Carver: enrolment was higher than expected and continues to increase each year. The joy of success is found not only in increasing numbers but also in the dedication of gifted and passionate staff, the enthusiasm of the students, the support of our community, and the presence of God in our halls, offices, and classrooms.

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